At Nutgrove we aim to develop the ability to read with fluency, accuracy and understanding for all of our children. We encourage them to be interested in books and to read with enjoyment.

We also work hard to make sure that we give all of our children a range of reading skills. We believe that reading quality literature opens children up to ideas, experiences, places and times they might never otherwise experience in real life.

As part of our reading provision at Nutgrove we actively encourage reading for pleasure and want to give our children the idea that reading is a pleasurable and fun thing to do!

At our school we believe that…

• reading and books is at the centre of the curriculum
• being able to read well is a key life skill for all children, whatever their background
• high quality phonics teaching is an essential part of teaching reading
• decoding skills are vital for children to become confident and fluent readers
• children need explicit teaching of comprehension skills to become real readers
• every child can develop as a reader with the right teaching and support
• a love of reading can be taught and encouraged at school – just like any other area of the curriculum
• children should have time to read independently, read aloud and be read to every day
• reading for pleasure and reading for purpose are equally important
• providing good quality reading resources is a priority
• developing an environment which supports and encourages reading is vital
• every teacher should be an advocate for reading
• reading at home plays an essential role in developing enjoyment and self-esteem

Some links for websites to support your child’s reading:

First News – a website that your child can log into with weekly topical non-fiction for KS2
Oxford Owl – free to access ebooks separated into ages so that you can personalise them to your child’s learning. There is even an audiobook feature where your child can have the book read to them to enjoy reading.
Book Trust – a website with lots of tips to help your child love to learn to read.
Letters and Sounds what-is-letters-and-sounds.html – a website focused on our school’s phonics scheme.
St Helens Library Service – the St. Helens library website so that you and your child can access a range of books to enjoy.
Books for Topics – a range of recommended books for each age group. You can also search for books about topics that your child may be interested in.

Some of our Reading Displays around our School

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