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We are all missing you in school so much but we are not in this hard time alone. Enjoy this worship with Craig and his helpers, who remind us that ….
  1. We are not in the storm alone
  2. Jesus is peaceful and can give us peace
  3. Jesus calms storms
We all know we will see each other again soon.
Mrs. Bottell

Here are two of our worship songs, performed by Linda from the St Helens Christian Life Centre, If I Were A Butterfly and Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord.

A Prayer During a Pandemic 

from Rev Julie 

Loving God 

We remember the hymn that tells us that we can take everything to you in prayer and so we pray.

We pray for our school.  

For all the staff – those who teach us and those who support us in different ways by feeding us and keeping the building clean and in good order.  

For all the students who will be missing friends and the routine (but perhaps not missing SATs and other tests?).  Especially for our Year 6 students who may or may not be able to be back before they leave to go to their new school.

We pray for the families connected with our school.  

Those who have to work on the frontline as essential workers.  

Those who have been trying to work from home with everybody else about.  

Those who have been furloughed or laid off from work and are concerned about the future. 

We remember that all of us are in different circumstances and we especially pray for those who are in difficult home situations, that they might find the assistance they need when they need it and that we might all be sensitive to the needs of others.

Everything we thought ‘normal’ has been switched around.

We have had time to think about what we value, what’s important to us and what we can let go of.

We thank you that you are always there for us when we need a listening ear, if we’re having a wobble or finding it hard to see the way forward.

Help us to be kind and gracious to others as well as ourselves.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


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