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Physical Education

Through the teaching of Physical Education, we aim to help the children to improve and develop their mental wellbeing and physical fitness whilst at Nutgrove; this will be done through active school days, specific topics covered in PE, as well as the values and experiences gained through taking part in both individual and team sports and activities. Within our lessons, children are taught how to look after themselves (improving physical fitness, showing awareness of injuries, and warming up effectively etc) and how physical exercise and sport has a positive impact on the entire lives. We look to provide children with sporting opportunities and skills they may not otherwise experience and provide them with essential life skills through the National Curriculum’s requirement for swimming.  Through sport and physical activity, alongside our wider school values, our aim is to embed key values of respect and fair play, hard work, commitment, teamwork, and tolerance into the children of Nutgrove. Our impact is that they take this message as they move up through school and beyond.