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Pastoral & Wellbeing

Welcome to our Pastoral & Wellbeing Page


Hello, I am Mrs Barlow, and I am delighted to be the Pastoral Assistant and Deputy Safeguarding lead here at Nutgrove Methodist Primary School.

At lunch time I run the ever-popular SHINE group. Here a small group of children eat their lunch together, chat, debate, play games (Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly are always a favourite) garden, bake and all sorts of exciting things!

I also work individually with children if they have any worries or concerns .

Parents and carers play an essential role in their children’s lives but being a parent or carer is not an easy job and doesn’t come with an instruction manual. All families may need support at one time or another and whilst most of the time this can be worked though within the family, sometimes a family may need a little extra help.

If you have anything that you would like to talk to me about you can contact me either by email – or 01744 678400