Admission Arrangements

Admissions to Nutgrove Methodist Primary School

Admission Number: 30
Applications made for September 2020

1st Choice: 27
2nd Choice: 32
3rd Choice: 16

How places were initially allocated:  All on time preferences were met.

Oversubscription Criteria for September 2021

In the event that there are more applicants than places and after admitting pupils with a statement of Special Educational Needs, naming the school, the Governing Body of Nutgrove Methodist Primary School will allocate places using the following criteria:

1. Children in public care or previously in public care.
2. Children with siblings at the school at the time of admission.
3. Children of parents who regularly attend a Methodist Church.
4. Children of pupils who regularly attend another Christian Church.
5. Children of parents who regularly attend churches of other faiths.
6. Children from Christian denominations not included in 3-5 of the above with proof of baptism.
7. Children whose parents/carers express a preference for a place at our school.



In the event of oversubscription in the number of applications made under any of the categories above, then the admissions committee will offer places to children whose family home is nearest to the school. The measurement shall be done by the local authority in a straight line using a Geographical Information System (GIS) based on local land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) Data and the National Grid co-ordinates for the family home and the school.

The full criteria terms can be found in more detail in the Primary Education 2020-2021 information booklet for parents which can be obtained from the school office. This information can also be found on the St Helens Local Authority Admissions information web page http://admissions.sthelens.gov.uk

Applications for September 2021

Closing Date for Applications – 15th January 2021

The consultation on proposed admission arrangements for 2022-23 has now been published on the Council’s website and can be accessed via the following link

Proposed Admission Arrangements 2022-2023


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