These are ways that you can help your child with Maths

As a school we subscribe to My Maths. Our children are given a username and password to complete their My Maths homework.

From late summer 2015 some classes in our school have been using Singapore Maths and you may be wondering how it will affect your child/children’s learning outcomes. Singapore is a world leader in maths and has been for over a decade. Singaporean students are often both confident and competent in their maths skill, usually from an early age. Singapore Maths takes a slightly different approach than you or your child may be used to. The underpinning concept of Singapore Maths is that all children work on the same task, differentiation occurs through the child’s understanding and exploration of the task. Lessons are based on a CPA approach:

C РConcrete (Children use a concrete manipulates e.g counters).

P – Pictorial (Children use drawings and pictures to solve problems).

A – Abstract (Children use mathematical symbols and numbers to solve problems).

Each lesson begins with a problem, which the children explore with the teacher. Manipulates in the form of counters, base ten and paper etc. are provided for children (across all year groups) which the children are encouraged to use whilst exploring the task. Children are encouraged to think about their own method to solve the problem and these are recorded in each¬†learner’s journal: which is completed each lesson to show the learner’s understanding. Learner’s also record what they consider the learning objective is for the learning taking place as this is not explicitly given at the beginning of the lesson. The learners share their methods with the class and the teacher chooses a number of methods to display on the whiteboard. Children then complete focused tasks in a workbook to complete the lesson.

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