Pupils Performance 2017

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Pupils Performance 2016

We are really pleased with our pupil performance data for Summer 2016. Pupils in Foundation Stage, year 2 and Year 6 significantly exceeded local and national standards in all areas of all subjects. The national assessments in Year 2 and year 6 were extremely challenging tests covering the new national curriculum.

Our pupils’ performance was judged against new national expected standards.

Please see the tables below for more detailed information.

Foundation Stage and Year 1 Assessments 2016

KS1 Assessments 2016

KS2 SATS Tests 2016




Pupil performance data for the end of key stages has compared very
favourably against both local and national averages for a number of years now
and there are further areas of achievement to celebrate this year. Our children
are nurtured and encouraged by staff to do their very best at all times and
take responsibility for their own and other’s learning so that they achieve the
very highest standards. The recent Ofsted Report states, ‘From their individual
starting points, pupils make outstanding progress as they travel through
school. Progress is rapid and sustained over a period of time.
Ofsted also commented that, ‘Teaching assistants are highly trained and make a
huge impact on pupils’ learning in reading, writing and mathematics.’
Learners acknowledge that the Christian values help them become better

learners and better people overall. Children talk about Christian values

pushing them to achieve their targets.

‘Pupils thoroughly enjoy coming to school and are very excited by their
new learning and always try their very best to succeed in everything they do.’


KS2 2014

Pupils leave the school with good or better standards of attainment and

now with improved standards in Maths more sustained at the higher level. 2014
saw 100% of pupils attain L4+ Reading with 73% at L5 and 93% made 2 levels
progress with 37% making 3 levels progress. Teacher assessment in Writing was
100% at L4 with 63% at L5 consisting of 100% making 2 levels progress and 43%
making 3 levels progress. 87% attained L4+ in the new Spelling, Punctuation and
Grammar Test with a very high 70% attaining L5 and 7% attaining L6. Maths
standards were very strong with 97% attaining L4+ along with 90% converting 2
levels progress and 37% attaining L 5 along with 30% making 3 levels progress.
7% again gained L6 Maths this year. 93% attained at least ½ marks and 73%
gained at least ¾ marks in Mental Maths and this picture is strong and
consistent across KS2. With 97% attaining L 4+ in Reading, Writing and Maths
combined (90% of which attained a “good Level 4B+) and with only 1 pupil below
L4 in Reading, Writing or Maths, our school is the 9th best performing school
in the LA. School’s own data show good and better rates of pupil progress from
Y2 to Y3 and in interim years within KS2.

KS2 2015

Our 2015 Year 6 cohort were a very challenging cohort comprising of 30% clear special educational needs

and 23% of the learners in this class did not start their learning with us – including a number of those learners

later diagnosed with additional needs.

The school leadership took action to provide the best quality of provision for these children, however our end of KS2 standards did

take a dip.

Nevertheless, 94% of our Y6 cohort made expected progress in maths -1% more than the Local Authority and 90% attained

L4+ in Maths – the same as the Local Authority. In fact, 23% made 3 levels progress in Maths. In Reading 85% of our children

attained L4+ with 32% at the higher L5.

87% achieved L4+ in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling whilst the Local Authority Average was 83%. Writing was strong with 58% making

2 levels of progress and 42% making 3 levels of progress with 45% of the class attaining L5 and no learner falling to Level 3.


Key Stage 2 School Results
(Year 6)

School Test
Results 2015
Percentage at
each level
Below level 3* 3 4 5 6 Pupils not
Reading 6 6 55 32 0 0 0
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 3 16 42 39 0 0 0
Mathematics 0 10 61 23 6 0 0



KS1 2014

Pupils attain 17.1 APS placing the school in the top 10 of LA schools.
The numbers of pupils progressing well to attain at least L2 remain
significantly above LA figures and numbers of pupils attaining the good
standards of L2B+ remain very strong at 87% in Reading of which 43% attained
L3, 77% at L2B+ in Writing with 23% at L3 and 90% at L2B+ in Maths and 33% at
L3. Numbers of pupils attaining L3 have increased considerably despite a
rigorous raising of in-school threshold levels requiring a consistent
performance level at L3C for the awarding of a L3 leading to some being
assessed at a strong L2A rather than L3. Thus in real terms progress and
attainment at KS1 are still very strong. The percentage of pupils meeting the
appropriate standard in the Y1 phonics check has increased from 74% last year
to 97% in 2014 and the percentage of Y2 successful re-takes was a very high
88%. School’s own data show great progress from FS through to end of Y2.

KS1 2015

Standards were even higher than 2014 with a very able cohort making tremendous progress from end of Foundation Stage

to summer 2015. The class exceeded Local Authority averages in every area and at L2+, L2B and L3. 100% of learners attained

2B+ in Reading, 87% in Writing and 100% in Maths. Higher attainers achieved well at 47% in Reading, 33% in Writing and 40% in Maths.

Overall APS stands at 18.0 compared to 16.1 for Local Authority. School’s own data continue to show progress from FS through

to end of Year 2.

Year 1 Phonics Check 2014 and 2015

The school maintains high standards in the phonics check with 97% of Year 1 learners meeting the standard in 2014 and 90% in 2015

with one learner being disapplied. Our Year 2 learner met the required standard in summer 2015.


2015 School Teacher Assessment Results KS1
Percentage at each level
W 1 2 2C 2B 2A 3 or above Disapplied
Speaking and listening 0 0 70 30 0 0
Reading 0 0 0 27 27 46 0 0
Writing 0 0 13 20 33 33 0 0
Mathematics 0 0 0 20 40 40 0 0
Science 0 0 57 43 0 0


FS 2014 and 2015

In 2014. a considerable 81% of learners achieved a ‘good level of development’
with very little difference between the performance of boys (42%) and girls
(39%). In 2015 high standards were maintained as 77% attaining a ‘good level

of development’ exceeding the Local Authority average by 7%. 10% of the class have clear additional needs.

In 2015, we were the 8th best performing EYFS in the Local Authority.